Thursday, 5 April 2012

Tyroo and Anurag Gupta to acquire DGM India

Tyroo, a SVG company, today announces the acquisition of DGM India alongwith DGM India’s Managing Director Anurag Gupta.

With this acquisition Tyroo has undoubtedly become the largest digital media network in India and is on its way to becoming India’s largest digital media company, after Google India, by next year.

On this occasion Tyroo’s Founder Manish Vij says “DGM is a company with over 5 years of performance leadership, a world class proprietary technology and management. We are excited to bring them as part of the Tyroo / SVG family. With this acquisition there will be clearly a media network that can give advertisers scale and quality. For Publishers it will be the only place to have almost every running campaign in Indian digital media”

Anurag Gupta, DGM India’s founder, promoter and Managing Director says “I am excited to take DGM India along with India’s largest digital media group. DGM India has a superb team, technology and leadership in the performance business. DGM is on a very fast growth rate and will end the year with USD 5 –6 Mnannual revenue. We are launching other DGM Products in market very soon and enhancing our technology”

Manish Vij further adds“both the companies will continue to run separately. Anurag will continue to be the Managing Director of DGM and Tyroo Direct, Tyroo’s performance network arm, will be continue to be headed by Siddharth Puri”.

Tyroo Audience is the leading rich media network and Tyroo Direct is already the second largest acquisition channel for almost all the leading eCommerce / Internet businesses. Tyroo will continue to strengthen its leadership position in the market separately.

About Tyroo
Tyroo was started in 2007 and is India's leading digital media company that reaches more than 22 million unique users in the country, representing more than 50 percent reach of India’s Internet users. It is represented by its businesses Tyroo Direct and Tyroo Audience. Tyroo Direct is the leader in digital performance media. It works with almost all major e-commerce and Internet-based businesses in India to drive results using its performance network of over 1,000 publishers and dynamic re-targeting on display. Tyroo Audience is a leader in digital rich media display advertising. It works with major digital advertising brands and agencies. Tyroo has worked with over 400 unique brands and 1,800 campaigns.

About DGM
DGM India was formed in the year 2007 and was a subsidiary of ADH Plc, a London Stock Exchange listed company. It was the first affiliate network in the country and among the leading ad networks in the country.

About SVG: 
SVG is a joint venture of Manish Vij’sVun Network and Harish Bahl’s Smile Group. It is the largest digital media group in country with companies such as Tyroo, SeventyNine (the mobile network), Zoomtra and Quasar. It is on its way to launching and acquiring new digital media businesses in the country.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Tyroo Media announces strategic realignment with Xplorer Capital

01 November 2011
Tyroo Media, the leading digital media advertising network in India, today announced that its original seed investor, Yahoo! Inc., has sold their shareholding in Tyroo to Xplorer Capital.

Xplorer Capital is a unique growth stage venture capital firm, which is focused exclusively on investing in internet and digital media businesses in the emerging markets. Xplorer Capital is headed by digital industry veterans, like Keith Nilsson, who for over ten years ran both corporate development and the emerging markets operations at Yahoo!, reporting to the CEO.
Tyroo founders include Mahendra Swarup, Harish Bahl, CP Singh and Manish Vij.
Commenting from the founding team Manish Vij, Founder of Tyroo, said, “We are very excited to be part of Xplorer Capital. The partners of the fund carry a great amount of experience and respect in the global digital media industry. This change will positively impact our company’s growth and will further strengthen our position in India and as we expand in the APAC markets.”
Keith Nilsson, General Partner at Xplorer Capital said, “I am very excited about the Tyroo business and spending more time with Manish and his management team. We think Tyroo is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the online advertising growth in India, which appears to be hitting an inflection point, by providing advertisers with a compelling mix of products and services.”
Tyroo, which received a round of seed funding from Yahoo! soon after its launch in 2007, has since grown to become among the top digital media advertising networks in the APAC region. Tyroo operates two key businesses: Tyroo Direct and Tyroo Audience. Tyroo Direct is the largest performance advertising network, which partners with nearly all major e-Commerce and Internet companies in the region to help them acquire new users and increase transactions. Tyroo Audience is a rich media advertising network that creates unique online advertising solutions for its clients and has the ability to reach over 20 million unique visitors in India every month.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tyroo winners at the Vodafone Big League 2011

30th October 2011, New Delhi
Tyroo Media was announced as one of the winners in the Vodafone Big League. Vodafone Essar had launched a campaign called the ‘Drive into the Big League’.

Given the increasing thrust and focus on the small and medium enterprise (SME) community, the brand organized Vodafone Drive into the Big League, giving a once-in-alifetime opportunity for the winning enterprise to be recognized as the emerging business model and have its company logo on the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes cars during the race weekend.

Tyroo Direct - largest performance advertising network in India, emerged as one of the top winners after a battle on an eight-part television series. Out of 80,000 entries, 21 companies were short-listed based on their growth in the last three years, and more importantly, for use of technology in driving their growth.
We are very thrilled to announce that Tyroo Media came out as one of the winners in the Vodafone Big League. Tyroo’s achievement is visible in many of the Indian International Airports and various print publications.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Tyroo amongst top digital media in India

Tyroo Media’s Network grows to 19.2 Million unique visitors
New Delhi, 24 June 2011
Tyroo Media, India’s leading horizontal ad network, today announced another milestone in its growth, recording over 19.2 Million unique visitors in its network, according to newly released data from ComScore MediaMatrix May 2011.

Nitin Chowdhary, Business Head India, Tyroo Media Pvt. Ltd. said “We’re excited to see the continued growth and engagement in our network. As per Comscore’s latest numbers, Tyroo now reaches nearly half of India’s internet audience. Given our leadership and strength, we continue to do business with most digital advertisers and agencies and enable them to get access to a broad base of publishers on our network.”

He further added – “With this kind of reach we empower our advertisers to engage consumers through our high engagement rich media formats like VooDoo and reach the exact target audience through our advanced dynamic retargeting capabilities to ensure delivery against brand metrics with optimum ROI.”
ComScore MediaMetrix’s new data shows that Tyroo Media is ranked the fourth largest digital media vehicle in the country. The demographic profile report also suggests that almost 44 percent of the total Internet population visit Tyroo media’s network of sites.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Tyroo Media Launches Dynamic Retargeting

31 May 2011
Tyroo Media announced today the launch of its dynamic retargeting capabilities to Indian advertisers. Tyroo’s dynamic retargeting platform transforms static display media into an intelligent, real time marketing channel that lets online marketers personalize offers to consumers at scale.

Nitin Chowdhary, Business Head India for Tyroo Media said – “We’re proud to launch dynamic retargeting to Indian advertisers. This capability from Tyroo will allow advertisers to reach users that have previously engaged with their brand’s online assets either through site visits, online shopping or engaging with ads. This new form of dynamic retargeting involves on-the-fly, real-time personalized banner creation. Focusing a campaign on users that have been previously touched in this manner improves ROI significantly. Not only will this help advertisers realize optimum ROI, it also makes ads more relevant to consumers.”

Siddharth Puri, Head of Tyroo’s Performance Business further added – “Dynamic retargeting is becoming the mechanism of choice for E-Commerce marketers looking to increase their sales. Tyroo is already working with a number of top E-commerce companies in India to help them increase their reach. Our dynamic retargeting capabilities will help them boost volume and quality of conversions that is critical to scaling. We plan to target E-Commerce and other advertisers that sell catalog of products.”

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tyroo Hits another Six! - Announces exclusive advertising partnership with

29 March 2011
Tyroo Media announced their exclusive partnership with, the official partnering site for Under this deal, Tyroo will be able to provide premium and exclusive sponsorship slots to advertisers.

Nitin Chowdhary, Business Head, Tyroo Media said “IPL has emerged as one of India's premium sports properties, engaging viewers across segments in very large numbers and is now a premium event in the world cricket calendar. As one of the India's leading ad networks, it makes perfect sense for us to partner with reaches a cricket hungry India audience is numbers that are almost on par with the premier cricket websites active in Indian Internet thus creating a great platform for advertisers especially in combination with Tyroo’s flagship rich media products, VooDoo and Catfish.”

He also added “We are providing a different type of sponsorship slots to the advertisers – Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Apart from, we also have tie ups with other leading cricket portals like CricketNirvava, KrishCricket, Cricbuzz & Vcricket. The rich media formats have been made available on these portals for wider coverage ensuring advertisers to pitch themselves globally.”

On this partnership Simon Presland, Senior Business Manager of GreenBerry Media that owns, said “Tyroo’s expertise in working with brand advertisers in the Indian market is unmatched. We’re very excited about working partnering with them on bringing advertising opportunities on to India.”


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Tyroo inducts new faces for its core team

15 March 2011
Tyroo Media one of the largest horizontal Ad Networks with their offices in Gurgaon/NCR, Mumbai and Bangalore have announced few additions in their Sales and Performance team as they continue to grow and are expanding both its services and clients.

Nitin Chowdhary, Business Head, Tyroo Media said – “Tyroo’s business continues to grow strongly with addition of several new capabilities – we announced our partnership with SlideShare recently, we also announced our large format ad product called VooDoo at the start of 2011. We continue to add newer advertisers in all sectors.”

Nitin further added – “Given our growth, we see the need to segregate our business into two broad areas. Given the rapid increase in Internet businesses, we’ve created a business unit that will focus on serving the digital marketing needs of these advertisers. Siddharth Puri, who is an old hand at Tyroo, will now be running this newly created, Performance business. Also, given the rapid increase in adoption of digital media advertising by brands, we’re creating a focused team to develop and grow this business. Piyush Rathi, who comes from digital agency and television ad sales background, joins us as the National Sales Head. I wish both Siddharth and Piyush tremendous success in their respective roles.”

Speaking today, Siddharth Puri, Head of Tyroo’s Performance business expanded – “Tyroo is seeing tremendous growth in the performance services especially for Internet advertisers in verticals such as jobs, matrimony, travel, e-commerce, classifieds and others. I am pleased to announce that Geetu Ahuja, who has almost a decade of Internet Marketing experience, has joined us as Head of Performance Delivery. Given her strong understanding of online marketing and her extensive experience with large clients, she will add immense value to Tyroo.”